Television & Motion Picture Production

Television, Film and Video Production Company Belltower Productions  &  Stephen R. Campanella, Producer - Line Producer - Unit Production Manager


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Stephen R. Campanella
belltowerpro@gmail.com    216-251-5600 Office    216-215-6435 Mobile

Producer - Line Producer - Unit Production Manager - Production Supervisor

Feature Films - Motion Picture Production
Television Commercials - Series Television Production
Infomercials - Business  Video Programs - Multimedia

Script Breakdowns - Budgeting & Scheduling - Production Services

Union/Guild Signatory Paperwork Preparation & Consulting

     Ohio Motion Picture Incentive Management Expertise  

     Incentive/Rebate Planning, Preparation and Submission

“Stephen did a great job for us at NBA Entertainment when we had a huge production to shoot with almost no lead time to get it done. His crew was great and the project went extremely well. He was calm through all the changes we threw at him.
                                                                                                           – Debbie Litsky Keenan, Line Producer

Location & Studio Production

BELLTOWER Productions and Producer Stephen R. Campanella offer a full range of production and project management solutions; whether you’re a Hollywood Studio, Ad Agency, Marketing Group, Small Independent Film, Major Corporation or a Small Business Owner. 

Affordable - Script to Screen Services, taking your Project to the next level

""Stephen is second to none as a highly skilled producer and is a person of great moral character"   

                                                                                - Cindy Bond, President  Mission Pictures International

We offer complete script to screen services as well as freelancer, contract employee and subcontracted service provider to maximize your budget. Services include: Complete Full Service Production, Producing, Directing, Writing, Production Management, Line Producing, Scheduling, Budgeting as well as all Union/Guild Signatory Paperwork Preparation and Management.

"Stephen Campanella has the experience to get a show produced on time and within budget, something a lot of people may claim but very few actually do."
                                                                                                                                    – Tom Rooker, Producer

We also offer :  Cinematographers,  shooting crews,  camera,  grip & lighting packages, post-production as well as production and media marketing consulting

"As a director and cinematographer of multinational projects for highly visible clients, I have always trusted Stephen to bring each production in on time and on budget. He has produced Emmy-winning projects, manages a tight production, and is one of the most honest and trustworthy professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can’t recommend Stephen enough!”

                                                                                           – Jason Tomaric, Filmmaker & President FilmSkills

Simple, Creative and Professional

"We were making a low-budget indie in rural Ohio and we needed someone that not only knew the area in terms of locations and crew, but also fully understood the realities of how to stretch every single resource to ensure that nothing was wasted; that it all ended up on the screen.  Stephen Campanella was the perfect person for the job.  Not only did he fit the bill with all of the above, he was also incredibly hard working and exceptionally good with people.  Above all, Stephen is a man of integrity in a business where that can be a rather rare quality."   I recommend him most highly.

                                                                                       - Rik Swartzwelder, Writer/Director, Old Fashioned

Imagination Working for You! ®ng for You! ®

Stephen Campanella is the finest Producer that I have ever worked with.  I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone interested in producing professional content that delivers a high impact message to their target audience.”

                                      - Todd Saperstein, Graphic Design Chair-Virginia Marti College of Art and Design

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